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The McDowell Genealogy

[Most original documents have been enhanced and cleaned up in Photoshop]


Will of John Griggs, father of Mary McDowell (husband of James McDowell) in Northampton County, NC proven in open court February 1771.

Will of Laurence Smith, 1812, Northampton County, NC.

Will of Jane Smith, 1823, Northampton County, NC, wife of Laurence Smith. (Transcribed)

Will of Samuel Rowell - written on April 10, 1762 and proved in the August Court 1764 in Northampton County, NC. (Transcribed version) - Note that Joseph John Snipes is a witness of the will as is Joseph Smith and William Vaughn. Joseph John Snipes daugher Mary Snipes is the wife of Samuel Rowell. At the writing of Joseph John Snipes will in 1774, he refers to his daughter Mary Rowell as being in her "widowhood" and indeed this will of Samuel Rowell probated in 1764 attests to that fact.

Will of Joseph John Snipes - proved in court on May 30, 1774. Joseph John Snipes married Mary Burke, daughter of William Burke and wife Mary. There is a great deal of genealogy information in this will with the Wall, Rowell, and Boykin families. (Transcribed version) - some words were hard to transcribe but don't seem to impact any important facts). Note that Lawrence Smith is one of the testators. The other testator Absalom Harris is the second husband of Elizabeth Tarver, daughter of Andrew Tarver (1723-1780 died in Halifax County) and Elizabeth Hartwell.

Will of Joseph Exum 1789 - husband of Ann Exum, father to Elizabeth Exum, Henry, and James Exum. (Transcribed)

Will of Ann Exum 1792 - wife of Joseph Exum 1789. (Transcribed)

Will of William Exum 1788 - (transcribed copy).

Will of James Exum 1772 - (transcribed copy).

Will of Matthew Exum - 1777 - (Transcribed copy).

Will of Noel Knight 1851, bondsman for John McDowell 1819 marriage in Wake County, NC. (Transcribed).

Will of Amy Knight, mother of Noel Knight. Wake County 1841. (Transcribed).