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The McDowell Genealogy

Photo Gallery

Chloe Mae McDowell Reid, daughter of Noah Soloman McDowell

Daniel Chrisenbury Nance - huge family reunion around 1900

Daniel Porter Hawks and Roney Della Stanley

Daniel Porter Hawks - favorite portrait picture

Daniel Porter Hawks and wife Roney Della Stanley, standing in a field

David Craig McDowell, standing on train, son of L Jerry McDowell and Dolores Ann Sloan

David Craig McDowell and sister Susan Lynne McDowell standing on train in Clemson, SC

David Craig McDowell, school picture age 12

David Craig McDowell, high school senior picture

Deron Hawks, last child of Daniel Porter Hawks and Roney Della Stanley

Docia Arena Williams, wife of Edward Gaston Sloan

Dolores Ann Sloan, wife of Larry Jerome (Jerry) McDowell, college picture

Dolores Ann Sloan, wife of Larry Jerome McDowell around 1997

Dovie Roxanna Morgan with husband William Atlas McDowell around 1920 [Picture portfolio]

Dovie Roxanna Morgan McDowell, picture kept in living room [Family portfolio]

Edward Gaston Sloan, son of Hile Esrom Sloan

Erastus Odelia Holt, wife of John Montrose Stanley

Evangeline Hawks McDowell, wife of Harding Atlas McDowell, taken in late 1940s

Evangeline Hawks McDowell and Harding Atlas McDowell, picture take 1980

Harding Atlas McDowell, son of William Atlas McDowell around 2000

Harding Atlas McDowell, WWII picture in service uniform

Harding Keith McDowell, brother of Jerry McDowell and son of Harding Atlas McDowell - taken around 2007, age 63

Hile Esrom Sloan and wife Harriet Amelia Luticia Bowles, son of Iram G Sloan (1820-1887)

Larry Jerome (Jerry) McDowell and wife Dolores Ann Sloan, picture taken 1997

Larry Jerome (Jerry) McDowell, college picture at Wake Forest University

Larry Jerome (Jerry) McDowell, picture taken around 1998

Joel Corriher, son of Henry C Corriher

Levi McDowell and wife Polly Yates, son of John McDowell with famiy members, several children died in the 1870s

Mary Agnes Corriher, wife of Reece Watson Sloan

Mary Rena McLaughlin (Deal), wife of William Albert Corriher, Sr.

Nickolas G. Holt - picture 1 - picture 2

Noah Soloman McDowell and wife Elizabeth (Bessy) Jane Lawrence with daughter Chloe Mae McDowell - around 1900

Noah Soloman McDowell and family - picture restored from 3 b y 4 tin plate taken around 1898

Polly (Mary) Yates, wife of Levi McDowell - taken out in a field with scarf to hide gorder on her neck -1920

Reece Watson Sloan, son of Arlie Watson Sloan and father of Dolores Ann Sloan McDowell

Roney Della Hawks, known as Grandmother Roney, wife of Daniel Porter Hawks

Roney Della Hawks, picture taken around 1980 - she lived to be 97 years old

Sallie Ruth Ketner, picture taken when she was young

Seth Stanley - son of John Montrose Stanley

Susan Lynne McDowell - pictures taken for senior class at Sanderson High School, August 1994, daughter of Jerry and Dolores McDowell - picture 1, picture 2, picture 3

Vernon Stanley - first son of John Montrose Stanley and Erastus Odelia Holt

William Albert Corriher Sr., Grandfather to Dolores Sloan McDowell, he lived to be 103

William Atlas McDowell, son of Noah Soloman McDowell - [Picture portfolio]