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The McDowell Genealogy

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Estate Papers

Estate papers of Green Hill, Randolph County, NC probated 1863. Wife Martha and sons Green Hill and John H. Hill purchased from the inventory. Items in inventory were dry rotted off the page. CR 081.508.66 Estate Fiberdex boxes - Folder "Inventory of Green Hill

Estate of William Hill, Davidson County, December 25, 1839 - names in estate are Alexander Hill, Zain (Sion) Hill, wife Sarah Hill, and Aaron Younts - CR 032.508.78

Hinton Hill Estate - Randolph County, November 27, 1842 - Administrators were Martin Miller and Riley Hill. There is additional information on Hinton Hill. He married Martha Ann Miller, daughter of Martin Miller and is thought to be a son of Sion Hill and Orpha Starage Lee. CR 081.508.66