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The McDowell Genealogy

[Most original documents have been enhanced and cleaned up in Photoshop]

Deeds and Other Land Records

Joseph John Snipes land to Samuel Rowell 1746, Northampton County, NC. Samuel Rowell married Joseph John Snipes' daughter Mary Snipes. (Transcribed)

James Dancy to James Exum 1795. (Transcribed)

Joseph Exum Sr. to Joseph Exum Jr. 1759 - deed of gift. (Transcribed)

Deed from John Robinson of Virigina to Allen Jones of Northampton County 1784 - land in Occenechy Swamp totaling 500 acres and witnessed by James McDougall (McDowell).

Elisha Snipes to William Smith Deed - 1803. (Transcribed)

Green Hill, Land Patent #47 from Davidson County, NC Land Patents. Green Hill of Wake County, NC.

Plat of McDowell's, Lowe's, Exum's Tract of Land - 1814, surveyed for Dorothy Mason, wife of Daniel Mason and daughter of Lawrence Smith after his death. The land was given to Dorothy Mason in the will of Colonel Lawrency Smith. This deed is important because it shows where James McDowell lived in Northampton County, NC and also ties directly to a deed in 1828 when the land is divided and William McDowell, son of Anthony and Delilah McDowell gives up the land and leaves Wake County for Georgia.

Deed of 1821 for Daniel Mason and wife Dorothy (Smith) Mason (daughter of Lawrence Smith) to sell the land back to her mother Jane Smith...see deed/plat above. (Transcribed with comments)

Sally McDowell in 1810 was being kept by Humphrey Parks and he was alloted money to support her from the St. George Parish. [The Parks family is important in an 1828 deed]. On March 6, 1811, Sally McDowell is indentured to Willis Langford as an apprentice until she becomes 18 years old. She was born in 1802 (according to her age in the 1850 Northampton County Census). She married Stephenson Martin on February 14, 1833. It is not known to whom she was born. Delilah McDowell does not show any females living with her on the 1810 census of Northampton County.

Deed from James Exum to William Amis 1807 regarding land in Wheeler's Mill Swamp. It refers to an early deed of 1759 of it being the "undivided" land belonging to Joseph Exum, James' father, and being bequeathed to him by the will of Joseph Exum. (Transcribed)

Deed from James Exum to Lawrence Smith - 1810. James Exum is selling 200 acres to Lawrence Smith and it appears to be the 200 that belonged to John Griggs although it isn't described that way. Instead, it is described as the land James Exum bought from Henry Exum son of Joseph and Henry Exum received the land via the will of Joseph Exum. (Transcribed)

Micajah Hill (sometimes written Michael Hill and indexed that way) had two deeds in 1808 with Amy Knight, Noel Knight's mother in Wake County and they were both witnessed by George McDowell of Wake County, NC. Then in 1818, Micajah (Michael) Hill is selling land to Noel Knight. Noel Knight signed John McDowell's marriage bond. The 1818 deed is witnessed by Duke House - Micajah Hill had married Polly House (Hause on the bond) on Nov 1, 1804 in Wake County.

Deed between James Dupree and William McDowell and Harmon Dupree - Harmon Dupree to take use of the land until William McDowell reaches the ages of twenty-one.

Estate of Michael Rogers of Wake County to William Smith of Northampton County - 1050 acres, 1800

Michael Fulgham and others returning land to Willis Rogers - 1826

Deed from William Rowell to Michael Fulgham, both of Northampton County, Dec 6, 1791, 160 acres - original (poorly scanned copy) and transcription

Sion Rogers to Noel Knight and Henry Buffalow 1933. This deed was given for the establishment of New Hope Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC. (Transcribed)

Deed from Mary Fulgham and family to Lawrence Smith written in 1803 and shows the minor heirs. (Transcribed). Then, it was registered on May 18, 1804 and the deed does NOT reference the minor heirsl. These two deeds are critical in understanding the relationship between the Fulgham and McDowell families since the deed is the only known reference showing their intermarriage. (Transcribed registered copy)

Flood Smith to Lawrence Smith 1789. (Transcribed) Some sources show Flood Smith and Ethelridge Smith as brothers to Lawrence Smith, but there are several different gnerations of Flood and Ethelridge Smiths and so it is difficult to know which ones are represented in this deed.