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The McDowell Genealogy

Jerry McDowell

Jerry McDowell

[Picture by David McDowell]

Harding Atlas McDowell

Harding McDowell (age 90, 2010)

[Picture by David McDowell]

Important Families Related to the McDowell Families

Hill Family Pictures

Who is Doctor Hill, born 1796, Randolph County, NC?

The Scope Of This Genealogy Research

This research project was begun in 1975 and peaked with the printing of our family book "The McDowells of Northampton, Wake, Randolph, Guilford, and Davidson Counties" (North Carolina) and the Cemetery Records - Pleasant Union United Church of Christ (formerly Union Church) in Randolph County, NC.  The book is not a history or genealogy of all people with the name "McDowell" (or varied spellings).  There has been an attempt to identify many descendants of John and James McDowell from the early 1800's in Randolph County to the present.  However, all lines have not been completely traced.  Some information simply is not known, not available, or was not received by the authors.  The present volume is an extensive collection and a sizeable percentage of the descendants of John and James McDowell who lived in Randolph County from 1820 - 1850..

It is hoped that many persons who have access to the book and this web site will be encouraged to compile data on lines of descent which in this book could not be traced to the present day.  Hopefully, information that is collected will be kept by the descendant for their families and will be sent to the authors in the hope that an updated volume will be possible and the web site can be kept up to date as well.

While evidence is presented to show that John and James McDowell "may" have been brothers, or at least related, one will not find direct proof of such.  However, a great amount of evidence is available to indicate from whom they may have descended.  This evidence is documented and presented in great detail in the McDowell book.  It is hoped that this information may lead others to find the correct genealogy.


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