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Green Hill of Johnston County - 1800

Green Hill was born before 1755 according to the 1800 census of Johnston County.  This older Green Hill is shown in the 1820 census of Johnston County but does not appear in 1830.  We assume that he died between 1820 and 1830 at an age of 70 plus years.  He appears to be THE candidate for the father of Sion Hill and THE Green Hill who witnessed the marriage of Sion Hill and Starage Lee.  Unfortunately, after this exhaustive study of the Green Hill families, we do not know who this Green Hill is, where he came from, or the names of his parents. 

Using census records, his wife was born between 1756 and 1774 and there were three males noted in the 1800 census.  Two males were born between 1785 and 1800 and one between 1790 and 1800.  No other information is known as of May 20, 2008 about this family.

This Green Hill family is probably the father of Sion Hill and the Green Hill who witnessed the Sion Hill and Starage Lee marriage in Johnston County. WHO IS HE?

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