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Green Hill and Vitada Matilda Turner

Green Hill was born in May of 1770 in North Carolina and probably in Wake County.  He died in 1832 in Madison County, Tennessee. He married Vatida Matilda Turner, the daughter of Simon Turner and Nancy Ann Smith on February 25, 1793 in Wake County.  Matilda Turner was born in Wake County about 1776 and her death on May 5, 1835 in Tennessee was noted in the Raleigh Register.

Because of the age of this Green Hill being in May 1770, he is the exact age to be the Green Hill of Sion Hill, Jr., deceased, whose father Sion Hill died in 1780 in Wake County. The will of Sion Hill, 1780 Wake County, specifically lists a Green Hill who was the son of Sion Hill, Jr., the son of Sion Hill and it was noted that Sion Hill, Jr. was deceased at the writing of the will in 1780. Family records for this Green Hill family have Green Hill being born in May 1770. In the Wake County minutes of February 28, 1780, it was ordered that Green Hill, orphan of Sion Hill, be bound as an apprentice to Thomas Barrow to be taught the trade of a shoemaker until he arrives to the age of twenty one, he being eleven years old next May 1781 upon which indentures were executed. 

When this Green Hill died in Madison County, Tennessee, he left a will which specifically states in item number two…”I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, the partner of my joys and sorrows for a number of years, Matilda, the following…”.  It is absolutely clear that the Green Hill who died in Madison, Tennessee is the Green Hill who married Matilda Turner in Wake County. Some researchers try to attach this Green Hill to the Green Hill who married Mary Booth and claim that he is about 90 years old.  A quick search of the 1830 census of Madison County, TN clearly shows a Green Hill about age 60, hence being born around 1770.  For further info, the will in proven in Will Book 1, pages 470-472. His will also names his three children as Mary Ann Hill, Sarah Hill, and Joseph Hill who was not mentioned in the will but is believed to have been born between 1800 and 1810 and died before 1832.  There is a male born between 1800 – 1810 living with Green Hill in the 1830 census.

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