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Green Hill and Nancy Sneed

Green Hill was born August 4, 1801 in Johnston County, NC. He died on February 5, 1881 in Scott Township, Johnson County, Iowa.  This is an important Green Hill because he was the first son of Sion Hill and Starage Lee.  In later census records in Iowa, he states that both his father (Sion Hill) and his mother (Starage Lee) were born in North Carolina.  Therefore, the parents that we are looking for are probably in Johnston County, NC in the 1770s.

He married Nancy Steed on Dec 25, 1819, just a couple months after Tilathy Hill, daughter of Sion and Starage Hill, married John McDowell in October 1819 in Wake County.  The bondsman for the marriage was Sihon (spelled with the "H") Hill and we assume that was his father Sion Hill. Nancy Steed Hill was born about 1795 in Johnston County, NC and died on October 31, 1859 in Scott Township, Johnson County, Iowa.

This Green Hill remained in the Johnston and Wake County, NC area into the 1820s and was in Davidson County, NC for the 1830 census.  However, he left Davidson County sometime before 1840 and moved to the Scott Township, Johnson County, Iowa.

Although it’s not important to our study, his wife Nancy Steed Hill died on October 31, 1859, and Green Hill married a young girl named Louise Elward on December 15, 1859 in Johnson County, Iowa and had additional children.  He was over sixty years old and Louise was barely 15 years old according to census data.

This Green Hill family is obviously NOT the Green Hill who witnessed the Sion Hill and Starage Lee marriage in Johnston County but is rather the son of Sion and Starage Hill.

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