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Green Hill and Grace Bennett

This Green Hill is sometimes referred to as Green Hill, Sr.  He was born on November 20, 1714 in the Isle of Wight, Virginia and died between August 14, 1766 and 1769 in Northampton County, North Carolina.  Both he and his wife left wills.  Grace Bennett was the daughter of William Bennett and Grace Van Courtland.  She was born on April 26, 1726 and died about August 27, 1772 in old Bute County, North Carolina.  They were married in 1739 in the Isle of Wight, Virginia and had nine children as follows:

  1. Henry Hill was born on Feb 12, 1740 in Northampton County, NC.  He was a senator from Franklin County from 1780 until 1798.  He married Rebeckah Ransom in May 1790 and died after 1798 in Franklin County.  None of the four children were named Sion or Green.
  2. Green Hill, Jr. was born on November 14, 1741 in Bute County, NC.  Check the main list for this Green Hill.
  3. Hannah Hill was born August 24, 1745 and died before 1766.
  4. Bennett Hill was born on December 1, 1747 and died after December 1791 in Franklin County, NC.
  5. William Hill was born on February 20, 1750 and died before 1786 in Franklin County, NC.
  6. Mary Hill was born on May 11, 1754 in Northampton County, NC.
  7. Sarah Hill was born on April 27, 1756 in Northampton County, NC and married Lewis Hicks.
  8. Temperance Hill was born on February 10, 1761 and died on July 17, 1799.
  9. Elizabeth Hill was born on July 20, 1763 and died before 1772.

This Green Hill family is NOT the Green Hill who witnessed the Sion Hill and Starage Lee marriage in Johnston County.

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